waste water neutralization

Waste water neutralization

MH53S, the neutralization solution for acidic industrial wastewater

To comply with effluent specification or to meet biological and chemical reactions specification, pH control is crucial.

Traditional neutralization methods using caustic soda lead to drawbacks such as:

  • HSE risk for the operators in handling the dangerous good,
  • Risk for the biology in case of overdosing
  • Difficult pH management

TIMAB Magnesium offers MH53S, a non-dangerous solution using magnesium hydroxide in suspension as the active component.

neutralization waste water

An economical solution

Reduced dosage:
Highly concentrated in hydroxide ions, MH53S reduces dosage by 50% compared to 30% caustic soda. This means less deliveries, less operation, lower footprint.

Up to 20% saving:
MH53S creates cost savings coming from lower alkali consumption as well as better effluent quality (less TSS, less COD, more stable biogas generation). These optimizations can lead up to more than 20% savings.

In addition to security and economic aspects,
our solution based on Magnesium for the neutralization of your effluents
has many technical advantages:

Optimized alkalinity

MH53S is the largest source of alkalinity on the market and buffers all kind of effluent variations.


The magnesium from the MH53S forms double bonds with colloids produced by the bacteria. Its coagulation strength is 10 times bigger than with the sodium coming from the caustic soda. Our experience shows an improvement of TSS by 20 to 40 % and of COD by 5 to 20%.


Controlled neutralization: for any pH starting point, 30 minutes are required to reach the specific pH. Unlike caustic soda or lime milk, no exotherm is noticed at the injection point with MH53S.


MH53S is a specially formulated suspension with exceptional stability. It is very easy to keep and to put back the suspension in an homogeneous state.

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