Controlled release of Magnesium based on plant needs

CR-MAG is the only magnesium fertilizer that allows a controlled release of magnesium according to the plant’s needs. Its specific formulation containing 60% MgO combines high bioavailability, minimized magnesium leaching risk and a perfect stability in blends. In fact, when the plant is in the growth phase, it releases organic acids into the soil and transforms CR-MAG into Mg2+ ions available for root absorption.

In tempered area

CR-MAG can be applied on field crops such as wheat, maize, rapeseed, potatoes and beet as well as specialized crops such as fruit trees, vines or vegetables. Depending on the farmers’ practices and the crop’s critical period of absorption of the magnesium, CR-MAG can be applied in both winter and spring. Indeed, its anti-leaching ability allows it to stay in contact with the root even during rainy periods while being easily absorbed by the plant when it needs it.

In addition CR-MAG can be used as a starter fertilizer as it releases magnesium throughout the crop cycle without damaging the seed and the roots during germination.

In tropical area

CR-MAG can be applied on crops such as palm, banana or cocoa. Applied in a circle around the trunk, magnesium requirements can be covered with single application per year. Indeed, its anti-leaching action makes it possible to avoid the compulsory fractionation for the soluble form, such as magnesium sulphate.

On submerged plants such as rice, CR-MAG reduces the salt stress effect by releasing itself gradually in the water.

CR-MAG is particularly suitable for leachable soil (rich in sand or superficial) on which a water-soluble form is not efficient.