High performance materials

Our Magnesium-based products, thanks to their high quality,

can be used in many high performance materials production, as detailed below.



Magnesium oxide for your glass production

Magnesium oxide is used in the production of liquid crystal display (LCD) substrate found in electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers or TV screens and. Magnesium oxide is often used to substitute dolomite as an Magnesium source in the production of special glasses in order to increase the mechanical strength.

The grade of Magnesium oxide required for glass production has specific properties. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to select the best grade of Magnesium oxide that bring high performances in glass application.



Magnesium as a raw material for ceramics production

Magnesium carbonate and Magnesium oxide are used in high performance ceramics, frits and glazes. Magnesia products ensure an increase in quality acting as a fluxing agent.

The properties of Magnesium added decreases the firing temperature and the thermal cycle of porcelain while increasing the mechanical properties. It also provides opacity and a matt finish. Thanks to a specific chemistry, the addition of our Magnesium carbonate guaranties the whiteness  of the ceramics.



Magnesium for insulation fibers

Magnesium oxide is used in the preparation of insulation fibers. The fibers need to have a good shock and thermal resistance, a low thermal conductivity, a chemical resistance and a good sound absorption.

Magnesium oxide offers a high electrical resistivity, thermal stability and acid resistance. Insulation fibers principal applications are furnace and vessel linings, boiler tube wall insulation and fire protection.

Magnesium for glass fibers

Magnesium oxide is also used in the production of glass fibers. Glass fibers requires a high melt viscosity to prevent breakage. Magnesium oxide raises the melt viscosity of the glass and sets up a precise mold. Fiberglass is mainly used in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic products such as showers and tubes.

Brake lining

Brake lining

What kind of brake lining technology ?

Magnesium oxide is used in various end-products in brake lining technology :

  • Friction materials such as brake linings and pads for cars
  • Friction materials such as brake linings and pads for trucks
  • Heavy duty high temperature brakes and friction parts for the industry installations.

The role of Magnesium in friction materials

Magnesium oxide added in the formulation allows the adjustment of the friction coefficient to a desirable level. The thermal properties of Magnesium oxide offer good stability and allow heat transfer from the friction contact surfaces. The high level of refractoriness imparts a strong resistance to the high frictional temperatures while preserving the grip properties. Also the moderate hardness prevents the material wear on metal.

Thanks to our expertise and knowledge we offer the best Magnesium oxide grades for brake lining applications. The physical properties and the chemistry are specifically designed to make our products adaptable to any brake linings formulation.

Our quality system focused on the traceability of our marketed material, combined with our deep understanding of this application related constraints, make us a partner of choice for you over the long run.

'EGM' Electrical Grade Magnesia

‘EGM’ Electrical Grade Magnesia

EGM for electrical insulation of heating elements.

Electrical grade magnesia, called EGM, powders are use as electrical insulation of heating elements.  EGM powders have a good thermal conductivity but a high electrical resistivity at elevated temperature. Those components are filled between the coil and the outer sheath in order to protect users from electrocution hazards while maintaining heat properties.

The proper Electrical Grade Magnesia

Depending on the temperature of the heating element involved, dead burned or fused magnesia with a specific chemistry  is used.

EGM powders play an important part in both domestic and industrial heating element manufacturer in :

  • domestic appliances,
  • industrial equipment
  • automotive applications.
'MAS' Magnesium Aluminate Spinels

‘MAS’ Magnesium Aluminate Spinels

MAS for refractory bricks

Thanks to high performance properties, Magnesium aluminate spinels (MAS) are used to produce cement kiln refractory bricks, in particular for their resistance to high temperatures :

  • high melting point
  • high mechanical strength
  • high chemical inertness
  • good thermal shock resistance.

MAS are formed in-situ from Magnesium oxide and aluminum oxide. The spinel increases the performances of refractories in various applications.

Our special grade of Magnesium oxide grants excellent results in the MAS production.

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