the magnesium by TIMAB Magnesium


The Magnesium by TIMAB Magnesium

What is Magnesium ? The Earth’s crust contains 2% of Magnesium, seawater contains 0.13% on average and some seas and lakes contain up to 5%.
TIMAB Magnesium mainly exploits magnesium of mineral origin, and thanks to its knowledge and research, gets the best out of it.

Origins and sources

Several minerals contain Magnesium, including magnesite, dolomite, olivine, brucite and kieserite. Magnesium can be obtained from magnesite or Magnesium chloride, through precipitation in hydroxide form then calcination.

The magnesia supplied by TIMAB Magnesium are mainly derived from carbon rock.

TIMAB Magnesium can also provide you Magnesium from marine origin, for your industrial applications particularly.

Types of rock

There are two distinct types of rock: macro-crystalline – these contain large crystals and are not very porous. They generally contain more CaO. cryptocrystalline – these are more porous and with smaller crystals. These usually contain more SiO2, but little iron and manganese.